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World's First Free Digital Signage Software!

We introduced the world's free digital signage software when we started business in 2006. We've helped many businesses and organisations "get into" digital signage without the cost.

Our Objectives

Our underlying objective was (and remains) to make digital signage software easily available to businesses and organisations of every size, no matter how small.

We recognise that digital signage should NOT be "just for the big boys". It's an effective method of communicating with your target audience, and should be used by almost every provider of goods or services. We therefore make it available for free. Moreover, the free version can be used to control many monitors/ displays, and it does NOT expire.

Large Organisations liked our digital signage software as well ...

Even though we started off with the objective of helping small businesses, we quickly found that internationally-recognised brands and institutions from every continent quickly discovered that our software would meet their needs.

We now have Hotels, Restaurants, Governmental bodies, Universities & Schools, Churches, Wholesalers, Retailers, Health Professionals, Digital signage network operators ... and many small businesses using our software. And they're on every continent in countries from A to (nearly) Z.

If you need more than our free digital signage software provides ...

If you find that the free version does not do everything you need, you can add features to it.. They are very inexpensive, and you pay once only. The features apply across your whole network.

We continually improve and upgrade our digital signage software

We have had many software upgrades since we started, and we will continue to upgrade our software so that we can provide our users with more functionality.

If you are NOT using digital signage, we urge you to "give it a go". It will help your business/ organisation greatly!

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Michael Marcus - Founder - Digital Recall. The Worlds First Free Digital Signage Software