Testimonials - Digital Recall Free Digital Signage Software

  • FS - World Electric Supply

    First off let me say that even though you are half way around the world from me, your service has been EXCELLENT.We have a few companies in the US doing this, and they are of little/no help up front.I have installed ALL of your software, and read all the manuals. Very nice, easy, intuitive system.

  • JS - FVDM.org)

    I think you have a great product and a unique business model which makes this type of software accessible to the smaller companies, which I truly appreciate.

  • ZB - Evoke Media (Australia)

    Appreciate your great service!!!

  • DB - ShowreelTV (UK)

    Many thanks. As always your support is second to none.

  • J.C. - Banbury School (United Kingdom)

    We have found the software works fantasticly ... It's so easy to manage compared to our old (well known name deleted) system.

  • D.L - Ledet

    I have the paid version of digital recall and really love it. … Thanks for the great software!

  • W.M. - Eigen, Kenya.

    "Thanks again for your support, I believe we have come from far and headed for greater heights with Digital Recall ... thanks to Digital Recall-it has made us who we are".

  • J.C.M. - Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá, Colombia

    "I've been working with your awesome software for digital signage for over a year" ….

  • M.B. Alpla.com

    "A note on your service. It was absolutely brilliant from start to finish".

  • D.J. - Navex.org

    "We have been using your software now for some months and find it outstanding".

  • J.M. - Sonoco

    "we really enjoy your software and has saved us a lot of money implementing it!".

  • M B. - Mjolsnes Elektronikk Service

    "the player is doing just fine and I am very happy with it.".

  • P.S. - Elite Clubs

    It has been really exciting working with digital recall! ...I just wanted to say Thanks for making a software that is very advanced, reasonably priced and very usable!! I will be telling others about your software.

  • K.M. - Supply New England

    We purchased your software ...and it is working great, very impressed.

  • JA - Advanced Image Werx

    Thanks - really enjoying the software. I've been looking for months now for an effective digital signage software and your model is exactly what I was looking for. It's perfectly intuitive and remarkably easy to learn -- and powerful.

  • D.L. - Lipp Service Solutions.

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts and promptness in attending to my issue and I am extremely satisfied with the level of customer service you have provided, it was exceptional.

  • SW - Wireless Sound - Radio Outside Broadcast Specialists

    It's an excellent program. Thank you ...

  • LW - Pats Peak Ski Area

    You are awesome! Thank you.

  • OA - Goethe Institute, Greece.

    Many thanks for the great support.

  • JS - The Computer Tamers.

    Great product! Getting compliments from our customers and it didn't cost thousands of dollars!.

  • D Buzby - ShowreelTV

    Showreel TV have been running the Digital Recall Digital Signage software for a few years now and have found it to have met our expectations in everyway. Very easy to use and configure with great technical support should you get stuck somewhere along the line!.

  • MK - Morton College, Ilinois.

    Been using the software about a year now and it has worked great. Thank you so much. I had a couple problems and was amazed at the fast response to solve my problems.

  • R C - Guido's Fresh Marketplace

    I have reviewed several other digital signage applications, and your software has worked the best, and your support has been great. The software is very intuitive and easy to work with...

  • PS. Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, USA

    "This would not be possible without the use of Digital Recall, and believe me, it took almost two years to find such a great product. Our department has gotten wonderful praises from both the President and several Vice-Presidents here at the college, and when we had an emergency situation here back in April, an emergency notification was sent to all televisions on campus warning of the campus lockdown in under 5 minutes. Without Digital Recall, I don't know what I would have done. Thank You for making such a great product".

  • LO. Texas

    "That's why I choose Digital Recall for my Digital Sign applications. It works, you work harder to make it better every day, and most of all….you listen. Makes my job much easier. Thank you".

  • RK. Department of Education & Early Childhood development

    "As you probably know – we did end up purchasing the software – and are very happy with how things are going"

  • SS. United States Coast Guard

    "From what I have seen so far you will be getting some very GOOD advertisement. I am very pleased with your product so far".

  • JCB Mexico

    "To tell you the thruth your software is one of the best softwares we have seen in the market because of the price and support and functionalities, keep up the good work"

  • DW. ServicePoint Australia

    "An excellent solution for small business is DigitalRecall.com.au They offer an excellent and feature rich solution and additiionally, build content. ... For a small business, not technically savvy - an ideal solution".

  • Sathian K. Canada

    "It is nice to work with good people and a good company"

  • BR Utah. USA

    "I have been experimenting with your software for the last few weeks and I must say that it is very impressive".;

  • Per. Sweden

    "Hi... Thank you for your wonderful software".

  • MR. Germany

    I really respect and appreciate your software model.

  • Tom F USA

    "Your software has the cleanest user interface of anything I've seen on the market! Very intuitive & easy to use".