About digital recall

We started back in 2006 and introduced the world's first free digital signage software. Why? Because we looked at what was being offered at the time and it was ridiculously expensive and complex. Impossible for any smallish business to afford/ consider. So we thought "Let's do something that makes this very useful software available to small business for nothing so that they can compete on a equal footing with the big guys".
We also wanted to see if we could take our "good intentions" and build this into a business.

We quickly became noticed world wide, and not only had "small" users opt for our software, but some of the big guys as well! That was nice :) We had thousands of users on every continent use our digital signage software. I lie ... not on Antarctica

Digital Recall Original (that's what we now call that original free digital signage software) helped many users in business, education, hospitality, government, banking yadda yadda yadda "get into" digital signage - for free. If users found that the free package was not sufficient for their needs, then they could purchase modules to "unlock" additional features on the free version. The cost of the Additional features is a very low once off cost with no monthly or annual fees. To try out the free software simply complete the short form on our Home page and you'll be sent the links.

And now we've introduced Digital Recall Cloud. Digital Recall Cloud is for users who want digital signage software that is more "feature rich". It is a cloud based software, and is subscription based. It's really powerfull! We're happy to provide you with a free trial, and if you like it, you'll find the monthly costs very affordable.

So what's the difference between the two software packages (Original V Cloud)?: We've made it easy by creating a short comparison on another tab on this website. Check it out. If you want to know anything more, contact us or send us an email page.