Easy to use with full instructions from Video Tutorials


  • RSS Ticker - live vertical and horizontal feed
    RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a form of dynamic news feed that is constantly updated. Use scrolling vertical or horizontal tickers to keep your viewers engaged. Choose from dozens of free RSS feeds like news, politics, sports, health and others. Customize it anyway you like with fonts, gradient backgrounds, scroll speeds and others. You can even enter your own custom text message and have it scroll through any screen division. Learn More.

  • Weather - full customizable / animated weather
    Get full forecasts including current conditions, today's highs and lows. 5 day forecasts for US cities. 2 day for others. BUT see "World Weather" component for full 7 day forecasts for almost any city worldwide.Simply drag and drop your favorite weather template, enter a city or zip code and you're done. We support fully customizable weather including animated vector based icons. Learn More.

  • World Weather – 7 day extended – Almost every city worldwide.
    7 days extended weather for almost any city in the world including highs, lows, humidity, wind conditions and more. We also includes dozens of amazing World weather precompiled scenes created by talented designers, so you can make your presentation look great. Pick from white, black or color icons. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more.

  • Stock - vertical and horizontal scrolling quotes
    Embed a live scrolling vertical or horizontal stock ticker. Choose your favorite stock symbols and select from dozens of customizable properties such as todays highs, lows, and percentage change. Choose from pre-made stock scenes or customize your own, it's all possible with the stock component.

  • Live TV - connect any device, analogue or digital
    Want to integrate Live TV into a selected screen division? No problem. The TV component supports full HD analogue and digital input. So you can insert any S-Video, HDMI, Component or composite video signal into any selected screen division; all powered by a super smooth GPU rendering engine, so it always looks great! Only for Windows OS Players. Learn More.

  • Images - make it shine with beautiful imagery
    Whether you want to upload JPG, PNG, or Flash SWF images, locally or point to link across the web, it's all doable with the Image component. We also support transparent Vector and Bitmap Flash SWFs and PNG resources so you can create beautiful masks which overlay your Digital Signage presentation. Also included for free are hundreds of backgrounds and masks designed by our team of artists, so you don't have to be one.

  • Flash - build animation with Adobe Flash
    Flash is by far the most adopted animation tool in the known universe. With Digital Recall Cloud you can run any Flash powered SWF. And it does not matter if it was developed in Adobe Flash or in 3rd party Flash generator. If its flash based, the Signage Player will eat it up. You can even take advantage of Stage3D and build super smooth high definition GPU accelerated content; it's all supported

  • Video - run super smooth HD content
    Take advantage of high definition H.264 encoded video and run multi-threaded pipeline content that looks great every time. You don't need to install any special software codec and don't have to jump through hoops to make it all work. Simply choose FLV or MP4 as your video format and you're good to go...

  • PDF - insert documents or link to external ones
    The PDF format is great as it is based on a vector based document that can scale nicely to any screen size. With the PDF component you can integrate any PDF document right onto your presentation. You can also save your favorite Microsoft Word and Excel docs as PDF files and upload them as well. Only for Windows OS Players

  • Music Channel – MP3
    The Music Player is a standalone application that is installed on top of the SignagePlayer Desktop version. It allows you to run background music and have different Channels of music that you create. The background music is independent of the Signage Presentation. Learn More.

  • Catalogue - easy to use database engine
    With the Catalogue component you can flip through thousands of items / products while displaying their description and image. Best of all you can set all this up in a matter of minutes. The catalogue is a powerful database engine that supports the ability to cycle through a list of items while combining animation and custom content. Integrate it with the Kiosk Builder and have your viewers interact with your product list. Learn More.

  • Camera - connect WebCam on PCs & Tablets
    Smile you're on camera. Use the Camera component to integrate real time self-portrait right onto your Digital Signage presentation. You can even take advantage of the cameras in your favorite Android tablet; we support both back and front facing cameras. Learn More.

  • Date/Time - dynamic formatter
    Keeping time is easy with the fully editable Date/Time component. Simply drag and drop the Date/Time component to the timeline and set any format you like, pick your favorite fonts (over 700 to choose from), colors and Date/Time format; it's so easy and looks great! Learn More

  • External Link - load content from anywhere
    Don't want to host your content with us? No hard feelings. In fact, with the External link component you can host your videos, images, and SWF animations on any web server (even within your LAN or VPN). Simply point to the URL and let it stream down to the SignagePlayer. The best part is that all your content is still cached on the local SignagePlayer, so an interruption in the connection does not interrupt your audience. Learn More. If you're using Google drive see below for the Google Drive component.

  • Graphs / Charts - generate graphical statistics
    Have some Analytics to show off? Well with the Graphs and Charts components you can do just that. Add your data directly into the SignageStudio, pick from dozens of charts and graphs and let your data shine across your Digital Signage network.

  • HTML5 - we play nice with JavaScript
    This component allows you to embed in your presentation anything viewed in a web browser. Take advantage of your existing skills and build animated clips or a fully interactive Kiosk, and run it easily across all your Signage Players. Enjoy super smooth GPU accelerated HTML5 on Android tablets and phones. Learn More. And if you want to display just part of a webpage see the  HTML-Crop tutorial. If youre using Google Chrome see the compoent below "Browser - Google Chrome".

  • Custom RSS - RSS, built your way
    With the Custom RSS component you can bind to the same syndication as with the standard RSS ticker component. However with the Custom RSS component your content will not slide vertically or horizontally, Instead you can custom place the RSS items within the Scene Editor. Custom RSS is all about more flexibility and more customization. Learn More.

  • Twitter - share your favorite tweets
    Get social! With the Twitter component you can expose your screens to your favorite @users and keep the data relevant, all the time. Let your viewers engage with the content and allow end users to push custom messages to your screens, without having to learn any new tools. Learn More.

  • YouTube - link to the world's largest video library
    If it looks good, use it. The YouTube channel is bombarded everyday with free great content. Plug right into this endless stream of fresh raw video. YouTube is a great way to keep your screens entertaining without having to subscribe to expensive content aggregators. Learn More.

  • Facebook - get social on your screen
    Integrate Facebook with your digital signage presentation and receive real time updates on your screens from your favorite social network. You can even connect directly to Facebook albums, Facebook feed, videos and more. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn More.

  • XML - hook into any database, any format
    The XML Player component is probably the most flexible component we have. It allows you to load any custom XML data in ANY format. So whether you want to load information form a PBX phone system or from your own private database, no problem. Just create a dynamic XML data feed and use our standard E4X parser to bind to specific tags within your invented XML structure. Learn More.

    Video wall – Create a Video WallM
    A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Video Walls (also known as Video Tiles) are fully supported within the Digital Recall Cloud platform. You have two options when creating a large scale video wall.

    Collection - deploy touch screens
    With the Kiosk builder component you can create a navigational menu system. So you can drag buttons, elements and images to set target destination for each one. The Kiosk builder supports any touch screen including Android tablets. So now it's easy to build a Wayfinder, Interactive information kiosk, visual paging and building directory just to name a few. Learn More.

    Update Players That Do Not Have An Internet Connection
    Use a USB to update Players that do not have internet connectivity. Only for Players using Windows OS. Learn More.

  • Instagram - Get your picture on
    Load real time data from your Instagram account including images, videos and posts. Display the entire feed from your account on your digital signage screens (including friends) or, just load specific media resources that you uploaded. This component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more

  • Google Calendar – Live data from your Calendar.
    Update your displays with live data from Google Calendar. Select only from the Calendar you want and set a specific date range relative to today, allowing content to always stay relevant. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more

  • Google Drive – Update directly from your Google Drive
    Host your files within a Google drive folder and load videos and images directly from Google Drive (another way to keep stuff private too). Load multiple files into a single folder and cycle through or have someone else maintain access to specific resources within your presentation. Learn more

  • Google Picasa– Link from your Picasa Account to your screens
    Link directly from your own Picasa account and directly into your digital signage screens. You can even upload images directly from Picasa Desktop which makes it real easy to manage a ton of images (and advertisements). Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more

  • Google Plus – Update directly from your Google Drive
    Google Plus is a fast growing social network that is very popular among businesses. And now you can load live data anytime someone posts to your G+ account. The setup is real easy and it will keep your screens current with the latest news from your inner circle (literally). Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more

  • Digg – What’s happening online
    Digg is basically everything that's hot and cool and happening today and it's all mashed into a single feed. And now you can keep your audience glued to your screens with the current HOT news; the Digg component will do just that. Best of all, this component is powered by Scenes, so you can style your feed however you like and even use animated transition between slides. Learn more

  • Browser – Google Chrome – Loaded and ready to roll…. For Windows OS ONLY
    Google Chrome is great. SignagePlayer for Windows has a built in version of it called Chromium. This means that you can load external HTML pages and render then in the latest HTML rending and JavaScript engine, all via Chromium. But it’s for Windows OS ONLY. Learn more

  • Pinterest
    It acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse and pin their favorite content from the web. And now you can integrate your entire Pinterest content right onto your digital signage presentation. It’s easy to setup and will keep your audience engaged with your favorite stuff. Learn more

  • Tumblr
    It lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. And best of all, your content can be also be pushed right into your signage presentation. Learn more

  • Flickr
    Popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other's photos. And now you can load your photos on your public screens. Learn more

  • Dropbox
    Dropbox is a home for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers and of course, also inside your digital signage presentation. Dropbox was one of the most requested features and now it's here. Learn more

  • 500px
    It is a photo community for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography powered by creative people worldwide. And with our component, you can load your favorite 500px images directly into your presentation. Learn more

  • Etsy
    Its a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. And how do you feel about having your favorite store as part of your digital presentation? Well now you can do just that. Learn more

  • Yelp
    People use Yelp to search for everything from the city's tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist. With the Yelp component you can display your favorite Yelp business information and even show live updates on the latest Yelp review, Yelp score and even star posts. Learn more

  • Mashape
    It’s a great way to get relevant live data such as current Bitcoin rates, currency exchange rates or even cool movie quotes and more. Learn more

  • Emergency - alerting system
    Set your emergency notification system to automatically override whatever content is currently playing on your screens and deliver critical, real time, visual notification messages to your audience. Integrate with existing alerting systems and connect to external web services.
    Ask Us For Details.

  • Remote Touch - let your audience control your screens through mobile technology
    Remote Touch fills the gap between the Digital Signage world and the Mobile world, allowing your customers the freedom to engage with your screens in a natural and convenient way. Remote Touch is an intelligent service that allows a customer to scan a QR code on a Digital Signage screen and begin controlling the playback content. Ask Us For Details

  • Chat - let your audience communicate through Digital Signage
    With the Chat component your customers can engage directly with each other through your Digital Signage screens. This is ideal for applications such as auctions; where customers simply scan a QR code on the screen and get redirected to a web page where they can bid on products. Ask Us For Details

  • Countdown - event counter
    With the countdown component you can display a reverse counter that is set to a specific date / time in the future. This is ideal for situations where you want to display to your audience the time left before the target event.

  • Remote Events & Queuing - Set values from JavaScript client for custom applications
    With remote events you can create limitless number of Digital Signage applications that can all be controlled from a simple JavaScript client. Examples include Queuing (when customer stand in line and pick up a number, ready to be served upon), a Scoreboard (like you would see in a basketball game) and even a Teller director, just to name a few.

  • 25 GB Storage
    Your account will have a 25 GB limit. If you need more … contact us.

  • Take the components with you
    The Signage Player Mobile version (Android) was designed as a fully capable, light weight Digital Signage Player; in fact the entire Signage Player install size is about 1.5MB.

    So you can harness the power of the Digital Signage components across all your screens. The best part is that it always looks great just as you expect it, so if you added a Weather component and set your zip code, you can expect the same results regardless of the device you use, simply build it once and it runs everywhere!