Why Choose Digital Recall?

  1. We started business in 2006 and are the worlds first provider of free digital signage software - By doing so we helped smaller businesses and organizations around the world compete with the "big" boys, and use this fantastic software tool to enhance revenue and their brand.
  2. We have customers on every continent (except Antartica) and our customers range accross every industry including Retail; Wholesale; Govenrment; Education; Financial etc.
  3. We offer TWO types of software so that users can select the one that best suits their igital signage software needs:
  4. Digital Recall ORIGINAL and Digital Recall CLOUD. "
  5. Digital Recall Original is our original free digital signage software that can be enhanced by adding paid features to the free software. The paid features are inexpensive and you only pay once. The free software is usable for ever. 
  6. Digital Recall Cloud is a cloud based digital signage software that is more feature rich and is a subscription model. You're welcome to a free trial.
  7. To access Original or Cloud, go to the Home page. To compare the two go to the Compare the Two tab.