1. It's prison for Digital Recall digital signage software


2. Digital Recall Digital Signage Software selected for Saudi Arabian Malls and Outdoor LED displays


3. Resellers and Distributors wanted worldwide. 

Digital Recall provides a golden opportunity to established businesses and new businesses and individuals to introduce digital signage to businesses and organizations, and to make good money from the selling of digital signage software to those businesses. Whether you sell just the software, or you want to offer a complete solution that may include selling Hardware + Software + Installation, Digital Recall would love to supply you with the software. We make it easy! 

Go directly to the Distributor Info page and submit the Application Page. We'll have you started really quickly.

4. Derby Plaza Theaters (Kansas) selects digital recall digital signage software to operate their digital signage system

We're delighted to welcome Derby Plaza Theaters as a user of our software. It joins theaters in Europe and Australia that already use our software.

5. Create your own effective digital signage content

You can create effective digital signage content that gets results, by following the simple guidelines in this article.